Kevin Binkert in Italy
article published for the Biennale di Venezia, where he exhibited the Flame Tornado.
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Kevin Binkert (USA)
Flame Tornado
thursday15, friday 16 and 17 saturdays september-Arsenal
“The piro-espressionista”artist Kevin Binkert, of Saint Francisco,works from years with the fire, than he she puts molding on like one sculpture, winning the natural and spontaneous direction of the languages and forcing it to assume shapes second taxes a principle of pirica choreography. In the '92, during festival the Steirischer Herbst, Binkert the sound barrier has provoked to the red alarm of the air force Austrian smashing with the devastating roar to 460 V8 of a powered spinner. To Saint Francisco Birkert he is owner of a
society that plans and realizes medical and dentistici let alone
aeronautical and industrial instruments technological and special
effects for the cinema, and collaborates with the Survival
Research Laboratory, the famous artistic collective leggendario in
order to produce the more dangerous performances of the world.
For the Biennial Binkert it has planned a tornado of high fire 13
meters. From always the fire it bewitches for its simple presence,
because he is alive and perennially cangiante. Theteatralita`of the
fire and the ability to Binkert of disporne the power, concur it to
propose this risen of Biblical vision of a fire column, that it will
open the Biennial one with the first fire parenthesis.